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Duare Sarkar Scheme is a new initiative by Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. A number of Important Schemes are under Duare Sarkar to provide service at doorstep for the people of West Bengal. Senior Citizens, Handicapped people, sex workers, prisoners and poor people who are not getting government service they will get all help near their home.The services are Health Insurance, Pension, Scholarship and help for farmers and many more. There are more than 25000 camps to provide these services.

Motive of Duare Sarkar Scheme

  • For people registration a huge database is developed for improving plans for development of the State. An online portal is made with MIS and ICT technology by which this huge success will be gained.
  • To provide service at doorstep easily and outreach in regional, national and global level. Cover large numbers of people under this scheme. 
  • The portal designed for this programme is acceptable in the national, regional and local level because it is built by digitally configured architecture. A database is made for some of the schemes to facilitate on the portal online.

The West Bengal government has got a huge success under this Duare Sarkar program. Other State Governments are also interested in building such a program by inspiring Duare Sarkar of West Bengal.

Duare Sarkar is not a scheme but also it is a plan by the government to provide many services near the people. It will change the old system and in this new system people can easily go to the outreach camp and get services easily. 

Schemes under Duare Sarkar

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There are a number of schemes under this programme.

Sl.Scheme NameScheme Details
1.Khadya SathiKhadya Sathi is a scheme to provide wheat, rice and other essential things at subsidized prices to all citizens of West Bengal.
2.Swasthya SathiIn this scheme all the citizens will get health cover of upto rupees 5lakh per annum.
3.Caste CertificatePeople who belong to SC, ST or OBC will get Caste Certificate that will help them to get scholarships and subsidies on many government services.
4.SikshasreeIt is a scheme to provide financial help to the students of upper primary who are from SC or ST families.

Laxmir Bhandar Scheme

The major scheme that is added under Duare Sarkar that is Laxmir Bhandar Scheme. The Scheme is started from 16 August 2021. To help all the women of the State and make them financially independent the govt made this scheme. Under this scheme Womens from SC and ST family will get monthly 1000 rupees and others are 500 rupees of financial help. The amount will be given direct to their bank account. Womens under the age of 25 to 60 are eligible for this scheme.

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For smooth flow of the process ICT based monitoring is made.

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The whole technical process is done by the National Informatics Center. For the citizens easy understanding the applications are made in regional language. All camps are held by obeying covid protocols like social distancing, sanitation and compulsory musk. On the basis of Duare Sarkar beneficiaries feedback another program named Paray Samadhan has been launched for more outreach to the people.

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