Swadhar Greh Scheme | Right to live for every woman

The Ministry of Woman and Child Devlopment launched a Scheme named Swadhar Greh Scheme to help those woman who are socially, economically neglected. As we see many woman and childrens on the street begging or homlessly, so the GOVT of India planned this scheme to established those women in the society by giving them temporary home, food, medical facilities and mentally support and give them training to establish in the sociaty. All the womens above the age of 18 years and who needs help to establish in the society are eligible for this scheme.

This scheme is under central government Protection and Empowerment of Women.

Name of the SchemeSwadhar Greh Scheme
Name of the MinistryMinistry of Women and Child Development
Type of SchemeCentral GOVT Scheme
Launch DateFeb- 2001

Aim of Swadhar Greh Scheme

For implementation of this scheme Swadhar Greh will be set up in every district accross the country. The funding will be 60:40 central govt and state govt both will jointly operate this scheme. For north eastern states the funding will be 90:10. The aims of the scheme is following bellow.

  • Provde home, food, medical facilities to the womens who are socially and iconomically neglected.
  • Make the imotionally strong.
  • If needed, provide them legal support to establish them in the sociaty.
  • Make them financially independent and mentally strong.
  • Work as a support system for those womens and understand their requirements and fulfill those.
  • Make them indipandent to live in the sociaty with dignity.

What is Swadhar Home?

Swadhar Home is the place where womens who are socially or financially neglected can get every help they need. They will get shelter, emotionally support and legal support if they need. In swadhar home there will be vocational center to give training to those womens and make them self independent. Health cheakup and medical facilities will be given there to the womens. Swadhar greh also provide telephonic counselling and behavioral training to those womens.

Beneficiaries of Swadhar Greh Scheme

Womans above the age of 18 who are without any social and economic support are eligible for this scheme.

  • Womens who are neglected socialy.
  • Womens who have no resident for living.
  • Women prijoners realesed from jail and no family support.
  • Womens who are the victim of family tollerance.
  • Womens rescued from prostitution area.

Swadhar Greh Scheme Guideline

There are few guidelines that every trust have to follow

  1. When any women comes to swadhar greh the first step will be know the womens social background, cause for her condition, her problems for adjustment.
  2. After examine her, if her problems will not be solved in swadhar greh then refer her to suitable place.
  3. Note in register her name, age, address, children’s name, her problem details and refferral details.
  4. Have to make a file of her police record, medical test reports, legal documents for their further need in legal cases.
  5. Future plan for her rehabitation and actions that will be taken have to note down.
  6. The information of each and every victims should be submitted in the local police station within 24 hour of admission.
  7. After admission within 3 days madical cheakup should be done. If any treatment needed then admit her in the hospital.
  8. The NGO agency have to give them skill developpent or vocational training through Skill Development Initiative Scheme.

How NGO can apply for grant for Swadhar Greh Scheme?

If any NGO are working on women empowerment then they can get funding of rupees 16 lakh per annum by Swedhar Greh Scheme. The NGO must have good experience and infrastructure for grant in this scheme.

The NGO have to provide shelter, food, medical facility and training for establishment of those womens. Make them emotionally strong by giving them all type of mentally support. If any women need legal support then the NGO must provide them legal support.

Documents needed for this scheme

  • Registration copy of the NGP
  • MOA of the trust
  • Trusted Certificate
  • Must be registerd in NGO Darpan
  • Last 3 year audit and anual report
  • Member List
  • Staff List
  • Bank Details
  • PAN or TAN photocopy
  • Work Profile
  • Rent agreement


Download the full guideline by clicking here.

List of Swadhar Greh Center across the country.

To make our new India where all womens can live with dignity we all should help those women who are in trouble. As you can see the list of Swadhar Greh please contact them if you see any women helpless. May this Swadhar Greh Scheme success in our country. If any NGO working on Womens development they can make swadhar greh for those women who really needs help.

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